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ChatGPT: The Solution to Your Marketing Challenges! (with examples)

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ChatGPT is a very smart computer program created by OpenAI that can understand and write like a person. Think of it as an Autistic Savant or a genius/idiot combined. It can create excellent results, but you still need to watch over it. It can’t do all your work for you…yet.

ChatGPT (short for “Chat Generative Pre-training Transformer”) uses deep learning techniques to generate human-like text based on a given prompt or input. It has been trained on millions and millions of paragraphs of text, interactions, etc. It has watched how people communicate and has learned to mimic it similarly.

Is It Good?

If you have been on the Internet, I am sure you have seen hundreds of articles about various subjects. Until this point, you could tell if it was computer written because it barely made sense or if it was written by a non-English writer, as the language was just a little bit “off.” This has all changed with chat GPT. It still isn’t perfect, but you might have difficulty telling if a human or an AI wrote it. It’s causing quite an uproar in universities as students have it write their papers for them, and people don’t know the difference.

Doesn’t It Just Copy Things That It’s Read?

It isn’t just taking pieces from different places and putting them together. Some programs do that for writing articles, where you can search a subject, and it will pull back sentences based on that subject that you can then cobble together into an article. Chat GPT is different. It is writing the articles itself based upon what it has read before. So it will generally pass any plagiarism test with flying colors. (I say as there are just only so many ways you can write some things, even as a human)

hands on the laptop

What Can You Do With It?

Assuming it’s like a human, you can have it do almost anything. It’s up to the limit of your imagination. The hardest part about it is learning how to speak to it. We have all been trained to talk to a computer (even unconsciously) for years. Phrasing things is a sure way to get the desired results with Google search. Or what the general limitations are for what we’re searching for. ChatGPT changes all that. We will show you some usable prompts below to get you started.

What is a Prompt?

When you speak to chat GPT, you’re speaking with prompts. This is just basically saying the same as using a search string. The difference is that you’re talking to it like you would a human, and it can respond with a much wider variety of replies. Again, pretend that you’re talking to a human assistant, and it will make it a lot easier.

How Can I Use Chat GPT for Marketing, Show Me the Money!

In digital marketing, ChatGPT can create compelling copy, generate SEO keywords, identify influencers for collaborations, and many others. Many things that used to take days to complete can be done in a much more accelerated way. While it might have taken you half a day to write sales copy or product descriptions, it can get you started and almost instantly get you 80% or 90% of the way there.

ChatGPT can save you time and money by reducing the need for external services. While it may not be able to perform every task, it can still be a valuable tool for saving money and increasing profits.
It can help you make more money by giving you more advertising options and sales messages. You can ask it for a creative social media ad or write two emails that you can A/B test on. It can research for you marketing items that you haven’t thought of or have left on the table.

It’s a great tool to save you time and money and profit from. All you have to do is use it like any other tool.

money growing like plants

Using ChatGPT for Content Creation

You can just ask it to write something for you in its most straightforward format. This is good for content creation. Yes, it can be just as simple as that. You can give it detailed parameters, but it does well with simple prompts. Please note, however, that all of the information it has been trained with is about two years old, so it will not know anything too new. The next version in a few months will probably be more updated, but this version is still potent.

For example, when we input “Write a short article about the benefits to offices by having indoor plants,” the result was this.

chat gpt for content

So it becomes a quick and easy way to start building up some primary content. However, we suggest you use this as a starting point and expand and rewrite it yourself. You can add more details and make the flow better to fit your style.

Find a style that suits you and have GPT chat write in that style. You could say, “Rewrite this like a pirate,” and it will do it. It may seem silly, but sometimes you must do things like that to appreciate what it can do thoroughly.

For instance, if we take the first returned sentence and tell it to “Rewrite this as a pirate:” you can see the results below. Pretty amazing.

chat gpt for rewrite
Using REWRITE is a powerful tool as well. You might have some ad copy you don’t like yet and have it cleaned up. Just pretend your secretary is on the other end of the prompt.

ChatGPT and Sales Copy

ChatGPT can get you a good head start on creating sales copy. It doesn’t do a lousy job, and you can adjust it to be more subdued or exciting or even change the tone of voice. You can make it third-person plural or first-person singular. Never assume it will not understand what you’re asking; the easiest way is to ask.

Taking our fictitious office plant company, we asked it to “write a sales pitch for the office plant company.”

chatgpt sales

Once you have the base working there, adding your spin to the company makes it much easier to fit your brand. Sometimes, when you have to write sales copy, it’s hard to get that first sentence out and get rolling. ChatGPT makes it pretty quick and easy to get things started. We have found that it has destroyed most of our writer’s block for something like this.

ChatGPT also REMEMBERS what he has said before. So you can ask it to EXPAND and CONTINUE as well. We didn’t question anything about plants here and understood what we discussed just like a person would.

chat gpt expand continue
ChatGPT and Keyword Research

As a good starting point, it can also develop keywords for you. Of course, there are tons of keyword tools out there that are better than this, as they will give you competitor analysis and possible ROI. But if you’re not sure where to start, just ask ChatGPT.

chat gpt keyword research
ChatGPT and Email Marketing

It can create email titles, or whole emails, that you can then A/B test or give you a head start in writing your own. Though the email titles it creates are pretty generic, they are not wrong. It all depends on your style; you can tweak it whichever way you want. You can regenerate it as often as you like until you find something that works. You can take one that you like and ask it to give you variations. We wrote, “Write a compelling subject line for an email marketing campaign promoting our new product.”

chat gpt email marketing
In this case, below, we decided that we’d like a bit more metaphor; you can see it did step up to the task.

chat gpt examples
You can ask it to make them more unique, change the tone of voice, or almost anything you can imagine. It’s all up to you to experiment. We have to say that once you start doing it, it becomes quite addicting. You will continually find better ways to improve the prompts and find you can do entirely new things you never thought of before.

ChatGPT and Basic Marketing Plan

If you aren’t quite sure what to do overall with your company and you’re feeling a bit stagnant. You can ask it to give you marketing ideas. You can ask it for local marketing ideas or digital marketing ideas, or any specification of marketing ideas (how to use the local Little League to promote you better)

marketing plan AI
Again, you can take sections of it and expand one you like, or refresh it and get a new list.

Unsure of your Writing Ability?

Let’s take something somewhat illegible and turn it into something special.

“I like plants, think they should be in the office always, green is nice, make me feel good, I want people to understand me better” (so says caveman)

That’s pretty illiterate, but let’s pop it into ChatGPT and ask it to rewrite.

AI writing ability

I took it to both ends of the spectrum for literacy. The point is that you don’t have to sweat it too much and be afraid of writing, as you can have ChatGPT check you and make you sound as professional as you want.

Some Other Helpful Prompts

Here are a few examples of other marketing prompts you can use to understand better what you can do. We have kept it simple in this article, but you can expand on these in more detail to fit what you want.

  1. “Create a social media post to increase engagement on our Facebook page.”
  2. “Write a script for a 30-second video ad for our app.”
  3. “Generate a list of blog post ideas that will attract more visitors to our website.”
  4. “Write a script for a podcast episode discussing industry trends and how they relate to our business.”
  5. “Create a tagline that encapsulates the unique value proposition of our brand.”
  6. “Write a script for a webinar that will educate our target audience about our products and services.”
  7. “Generate a list of influencers in our industry who would be great for a collaboration or sponsorship.”
  8. “Create a catchy and attention-grabbing headline for a landing page that converts visitors into customers.”

The Power of Chat GPT

The sky’s the limit. ChatGPT is free now, so feel free to experiment as much as possible. They are starting a Pro plan, as their servers are getting slightly overloaded, so sometimes it takes a few tries to get results. There were over a million sign-ups in the first month. The Pro plan is $42 a month and worth every penny. In a few months, they are anticipating GPT4 (ChatGPT is GPT3.5), and we are all eagerly anticipating what it can do because what it can do now is pretty amazing. ChatGPT is fantastic and can save money and move any company’s marketing efforts into the stratosphere.

Let’s all get on the AI bullet train and make some money.



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