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Work Smarter and Harder

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Work Smarter and Harder Everyone says to work smarter, not harder! I say work smarter and harder!

Some of the most successful people I know are not college-educated.

They don’t have fancy degrees.

What they do have is the ability to outwork the next person.

I am not saying working more hours.

Tons of people think they are “working”.

They show up look busy and feel busy.

But are they really pushing the ball forward every day regardless of what obstacles stand in their way?

You see work doesn’t start with showing up and logging into your computer or getting to the job.

It starts well before that.

Work starts with working on yourself first.

  • What are you learning?
  • What books are you reading?
  • What type of content are you feeding your mind?
  • Are you eating healthily?
  • Are you working out?
  • Do you have a calendar and use it?
  • Do you write down the things you must accomplish each day?
  • Real work is doing what others don’t do or don’t want to do

Someone once told me “You need to know every corner of your business.”

That person bought a private jet so he could quickly travel to all of his locations to look in the corners.

He outworked everyone else in his industry.

He also told me “Always take the meeting!”

How many people don’t take a meeting or a phone call because they are “Too Busy”?

If you asked that person to show you their calendar I bet they don’t have one or don’t use it.

  • Success doesn’t say I am too busy or I don’t have time.
  • Success says “I am booked this week but I will be available next Wednesday.”
  • Success doesn’t blame the market!
  • Success says “The market has changed how do we change with it”.

Working smarter, not harder is a lie.

I say work smarter and harder! Both on yourself and your business.

Do the things the other guy doesn’t want to do.

Look at every corner of the business!

And don’t say you are too busy, look at your calendar and find the time!

Ultimately, the key to success is to do things others aren’t willing to do. This means being willing to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, even if it means working long hours or tackling difficult challenges. You can achieve your goals and take your business to the next level by working smarter and harder. So, remember that true success comes from doing both the next time someone tells you to work smarter, not harder.

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