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Solar Case Case Studies

Company Profile

Suncovia, a leading player in the solar industry of over 20 years, provides sustainable energy solutions to clients from consultations to installations and repairs.

Company Profile

SolarFY is a direct-to-consumer solar provider and was designed for consumers to shop for solar without the hassles of a pushy door-to-door salesperson. SolarFY works directly with multiple EPCs, Sales Organizations, and Installers.

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Both solar clients faced several challenges in optimizing their digital presence and lead generation efforts within the competitive solar industry.

1) Custom Funnel Development

The need to create effective customer acquisition funnels that resonate with diverse target audiences while delivering high conversion rates. 

2) Utility Company Lookup 

Streamlining the customer journey by integrating a utility company lookup based on zip code, enhancing user experience and personalization. 

3) Offline Conversion Tracking 

Establishing a comprehensive system for tracking offline conversions to accurately attribute success to various marketing efforts. 

4) Omni-Channel Management 

Coordinating and optimizing advertising efforts across multiple platforms, including Google, Bing, Facebook, and Yelp, to maximize visibility and lead generation.


1. Custom Funnel Creation

  • Two custom funnels, “Get Started”( and “Qualify” (, were designed to guide potential customers through the solar adoption process.
  • The funnels’ architecture was optimized to engage diverse audience segments, ensuring a smooth and compelling user journey. 

2. Utility Company Lookup Integration

A custom-built utility company lookup tool based on zip codes was seamlessly integrated into the website, offering personalized information to users and facilitating informed decision-making.

3. Offline Conversion Tracking

An offline conversion tracking system was implemented to accurately capture and attribute conversions resulting from various marketing campaigns, providing valuable insights into campaign effectiveness.

4. Omni-Channel Campaign Management

  • A comprehensive omni-channel approach was adopted, leveraging Google, Bing, Facebook, and Yelp for optimal reach and engagement.
  • Advertising campaigns were strategically managed across platforms to ensure consistent messaging and maximum visibility. 


Customized Funnels based On Zip Code For Location-Specificutility Provider