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Mortgage Case Studies


Choice Home Mortgage

Choice Home Mortgage, a direct-to-consumer mortgage wholesaler and brokerage company, specializes in offering a diverse range of home loan products primarily in California and Florida.

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Choice Home Mortgage faced a multi-fold challenge: 

  • Streamline offline-to-online conversion tracking
  • Enhance user engagement through custom landing pages
  • Maximize campaign attribution accuracy for Google & Facebook advertising


Elevarus created a holistic approach to address Choice Home Mortgage’s challenges:

1. Offline Conversion Strategy and Integration:

  • Execute a fully integrated offline conversion strategy to seamlessly connect sales events in the CRM with Google Ads and Meta Ads.
  • This integration allowed for improved tracking of offline leads’ conversion actions, attributing them to the respective marketing campaigns.

2. Custom Landing Pages for Enhanced Conversion:

  • Develop customized landing pages using the Laravel framework, designed to resonate with the target audience and guide them through the loan application process.
  • These strategic landing pages provided an intuitive user experience and strong calls-toaction, contributing to higher conversion rates.

3. Facebook Conversion Tracking with cAPI:

  • Leverage Facebook Conversions API (cAPI) for advanced conversion tracking, ensuring accurate attribution of offline conversions to specific Facebook campaigns.
  • This solution provided valuable insights into campaign performance and optimization opportunities, enhancing the effectiveness of Facebook advertising.




Federal First Lending, a direct-to-consumer mortgage broker located in Arizona, specializes in the Non-QM, Cash Out, and Reverse Mortgage markets across Washington, Florida, and Arizona.

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Federal First Lending needed a comprehensive digital strategy to: 

  • Establish a stronger digital presence
  • Customize funnel/landing pages
  • Streamline customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Optimize return on investment (ROI) through strategic mapping of sales funnel values 


Elevarus executed an integrated approach, combining website relaunch, digital marketing strategy, CRM integration, and data-driven optimization to achieve remarkable results.

1. Digital Marketing Strategy and CRM Integration:

  • Customized ad campaigns targeting specific markets and mortgage niches were launched on Google PPC.
  • An offline conversion strategy was seamlessly integrated across digital channels for precise tracking and attribution.
  • Custom funnel and landing pages were developed to enhance user experience and improve conversion rates:
  • Assistance was provided for the Salesforce CRM build-out and telephone system integration, ensuring efficient lead management.

2. Mapping Sales Funnel Values for Enhanced ROI:

  • TD Marketing Solution conducted an in-depth analysis of the sales funnel, mapping values from various stages back to ad accounts.
  • Data-driven insights were used to optimize ad campaigns, reallocating resources to highimpact channels and campaigns.