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Apposite Technologies Case Study


Company Profile

Apposite Technologies is a global supplier for network emulation and network performance testing tools for enterprises, application developers, military organizations, and telecom carriers.

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Apposite Technologies needed a marketing partner to enhance their competitive edge by automating their marketing and sales processes. Integration with complex CRM systems like Pardot, Salesforce, and Marketo were top priority in order to map out their entire sales pipeline and workflow. Additionally, they aimed to upgrade landing pages and their WordPress platform to transition to GA4.


1. Full Stack Integration with Pardot and Salesforce, Marketo:

Seamless integration with Pardot, Salesforce, and Marketo including custom reports to traffic both MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads), SQL (Sales Qualified Leads), and Opportunities across multiple paid traffic sources

2. Fully Integrated Offline Conversions:

The ability to comprehensively track leads through the sales process, from initial contact to final conversion, provided valuable data for optimization. This involved mapping all sales process events for AI optimization, aligning with an overarching marketing strategy.

3. Conversion for UA to GA4 for Google Analytics:

An upgrade in analytics by transitioning to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) provided access to advanced insights and data.

4. Upgrade of Landing Pages:

Revamping landing pages improved conversion rates and overall user engagement.

5. Upgrade of WordPress and Plugins:

An upgrade in WordPress platform and WordPress plugins to the latest versions ensured a secure and high-performing website.

6. Google, Facebook and LinkedIn Ads:

Campaigns were built targeting specific audiences on individuals ads platforms.

7. Custom Dashboards:

In order to track data from all platforms, a custom dashboard was built so Apposite Technologies could view top SEO keywords, as well as performance of Google, Facebook and LinkedIn ads.

Landing Page

Custom Dashboard Build - Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Campaign

Custom Dashboard Build - Ranking For Specific Keywords

Apposite Technology needed a custom dashboard that could show the ranking of specific product and service offering keywords.

Custom Dashboard Build - GA4

A custom dashboard pulling in website data from GA4 to reflect activity on organic vs paid search, as well as most visited pages.

Custom Dashboard Build - Google Ads

Custom Dashboard Build - Linkedin Ads