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Top 10 PPC Optimization Tools for Facebook Ads 2024

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Want to boost your online presence and reach more potential customers? PPC advertising’s got your back. It lets you jump to the top of search results fast, boosting visibility and clicks. Just set your budget, pick your keywords, and keep an eye on how it’s doing to make it work better.

What is Pay-per-click?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is when you, as an advertiser, pay a fee every time someone clicks on your ad. It’s a quick way to get more people to visit your site instead of waiting for them to find you on their own.

PPC usually targets specific keywords, even if they’re phrases, that match what you’re selling (just for note: a phrase of multiple words is still called a keyword in PPC).The pricing of PPC keywords is basically an auction. You set how much you will pay and then compete with others for the same keywords. The more you spend, the higher you’ll rank for that keyword, but of course, it’ll cost more. Everything is always a give-and-take.

The auction is triggered when a user searches for one of these keywords or phrases. The winning advertiser’s ad is displayed in the search results. The advertiser is then charged the amount they bid on the keyword. Each time a user clicks on their ad, there is a small fee.

PPC is a great way to get more people who are looking for what you offer to visit your website. By picking the right keywords and writing catchy ads, you can really draw in your target audience and get more sales.

What are PPC Optimization Tools?

Sure, it may be hard to pick the right software tool for your PPC campaigns, especially with so many options available on the market. But getting a good tool can really make your campaigns run smoother and more successfully. These tools speed things up, simplify tasks, and provide helpful info and data to plan your campaign better.

You should understand your specific needs and goals when you look into and compare different PPC optimization tools. Some tools may be better suited for small businesses with limited budgets, while others may be more suitable for larger enterprises with more complex campaigns.

Growth Marketing Expert’s Side Note:

Progress is always moving forward. All PPC Optimization Tools will always be a few months behind Facebook’s latest tools. We do have to say that the tools make Facebook a lot easier to work with. Facebook does tend to change its backend at the drop of a hat. So you might be missing some fancy new tool that Facebook just added. We advise using one of the tools while keeping an eye on new functionality on Facebook. As you learn more, you will see what works for you. Or better yet, grind through the Facebook ad manager to figure out exactly how Facebook does ads. It will help you pick a tool much easier when it is figured out. You will understand what they are actually doing then.

1. Scalify


Scalify is an advanced PPC optimization platform that helps businesses boost their online ads’ success and profits, especially on Facebook and Instagram. It offers tools and features designed to enhance campaign performance and ROI on these platforms.

Features of Scalify

  • Advanced campaign automation capabilities
  • Offers comprehensive analytics and reporting features to track and measure campaign performance
  • Offers advanced audience segmentation capabilities
  • It provides A/B testing functionality, enabling businesses to experiment with different ad creatives, headlines, and call-to-action buttons.
  • It offers integration with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce. 

Drawbacks of Scalify

We have encountered a few frustrations with Scalify. For one, there is currently no support for lead generation campaigns or message campaigns. This has been a bit of a disappointment for us. Also, the auto-save feature doesn’t seem to work reliably, which causes you to have to recreate campaigns multiple times. This can be especially frustrating when you recreate the same campaign multiple times, only to find duplicate campaigns in your Facebook account.

We also hope that in the future, Scalify will allow people to release campaigns connected to a chatbot flow (like ManyChat), regardless of the objective (whether it be traffic or messaging). Another con for us is that Scalify currently only supports Facebook ads. It does not include other ad networks platforms like Google Ads (which is supposedly in the roadmap), LinkedIn, and TikTok. Finally, we noticed that the Analyze module sometimes does not show the same data we get in Shopify. This flaw can be confusing.

Final Thoughts on Scalify

Scalify is a powerful PPC optimization platform that boosts the effectiveness of Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns. With AI-driven automation, advanced analytics, audience segmentation, A/B testing, and integration capabilities, Scalify helps companies to achieve higher conversions, lower costs, and improved ROI from their PPC efforts. While Scalify has certainly made managing Facebook ads easier and more efficient, it has a few areas that could improve.


Basic plan:
$39/mo (billed yearly) & $49/mo (billed monthly) – Everything you need to promote your business and get sales

Pro plan:
$79/mo (billed yearly) & $99/mo (billed monthly) – Everything you need to scale your business profitably and automate your workflow

2. Revealbot


Revealbot is a powerful platform designed explicitly for PPC (Pay-Per-Click) optimization, offering strong features and tools to improve digital ads. With a focus on platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Snapchat Ads, Revealbot will help you streamline your PPC efforts and maximize the return on your advertising investments.

Features of Revealbot

  • Offers advanced workflow automation.
  • Automatically adjusts campaign budgets.
  • Provides a real-time campaign health monitoring feature.
  • The platform employs intelligent bid management algorithms to optimize bids based on specific goals.
  • Cohort analysis feature lets businesses study how different groups of users behave and perform.
  • Offers ad rotation optimization capabilities.
  • Simplifies reporting by providing automated reporting features.
  • The platform lets users define and track custom metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Provides dedicated support and training resources.

Drawbacks of Revealbot

Revealbot can be a bit advanced for some users, especially if you’re just starting with ad automation. It’s mostly focused on Facebook Ads, and the integrations with other platforms, like Google Ads, still need improvement. For example, you can’t use custom metrics in Google Ads because that’s currently not an option.

Also, automated rules are less effective after they made changes to the Facebook platform. It’s not a huge issue, though; we are sure they are working on that. Finally, every plan offered by Revealbot has a limitation for ad spend. This might be a concern for you if you have larger ad budgets.

Final Thoughts on Revealbot

Revealbot is very flexible. You can customize lots of settings for automating ad management on Facebook and Google Ads, which makes it easy to track progress daily and weekly. The Slack integration feature is also great as it lets you quickly share lots of data with your team and answer their questions fast. Plus, because Revealbot works with many platforms, you can see your budget spending live from all angles, which is really helpful.

Overall, we are satisfied with Revealbot and could recommend it as an easy way to automate and manage ad campaigns. It’s not perfect, but it has a lot of helpful features and can be a great tool when used properly. It’s also one of the more developed PPC Optimization Tools out there.

Start from $99/mo (pay monthly) & $83/mo (pay annually) – Up to $10K in monthly ad spend

$1,799/mo (pay monthly) & $1,499/mo (pay annually) –  Up to $500K in monthly ad spend

Some instructional videos and reviews for Revealbot on YouTube that might be helpful

3. Adroll


AdRoll is a leading digital marketing platform specializing in personalized retargeting and prospecting campaigns. It will help you reach your target audience across multiple channels, including display ads, social media, email, and more.

Features of Adroll

  • AdRoll specializes in personalized retargeting.
  • AdRoll helps businesses expand their reach by targeting new potential customers.
  • AdRoll enables businesses to reach their audience across various channels.
  • AdRoll offers dynamic ad creation capabilities.
  • AdRoll provides audience segmentation tools.
  • AdRoll offers comprehensive reporting and analytics features.
  • AdRoll uses machine learning algorithms to optimize ad delivery.
  • AdRoll supports A/B testing.
  • Dynamic Email Retargeting
  • Audience Insights 

Drawbacks of AdRoll

There are some areas where this platform could be better. For example, the interface can be confusing, especially when trying to view reports for specific audience groups. It’s not a major issue, but it can sometimes be a bit frustrating. Also, switching between editing campaigns and viewing campaign metrics can be a bit confusing. It’s unclear which page we’re on or how to return to the main dashboard. Finally, we think that creating ads could be easier on this platform. It’s not a major issue, but setting up an ad campaign can be time-consuming.

It has lots of helpful features, and the targeting options are excellent. While it’s not perfect, it’s a strong choice for anyone looking to create and manage effective ad campaigns.

Final Thoughts on Adroll

Among PPC Optimization Tools, Adroll stands out for its modern and user-friendly interface. It’s simple to navigate and find the needed features, which is a huge plus. This platform also has the ability to enhance ads with interactive elements like product placement, fonts, custom animation, and calls to action. This lets you create more engaging ads that really catch users’ attention. We’ve also appreciated the ability to generate personalized dynamic ads for users based on their browsing history and the products they enjoy. It’s a really effective way to target potential customers and increase conversions.

This platform is great at targeting. You can use demographic and affinity targeting to reach people similar to our customers, based on what you know about them. This really helps in finding the right audience for ads.

Price: Calculate your pricing based on your current web traffic.

START from:
$36/mo (Pay annually) – includes: $20/mo + $50/yr in ad credits
$40/mo (Pay monthly) – includes: $20/mo

Some instructional videos and reviews for Adroll on YouTube that might be helpful

4. MarinOne


Marin Software is a top digital advertising platform that helps manage and optimize ad campaigns. It gives advertisers advanced tools to improve their online ads across different channels and platforms.

Features of Marin One

  • Centralized platform to manage campaigns across multiple channels.
  • Advanced algorithms and machine learning to optimize bidding strategies.
  • Intelligent budget allocation capabilities
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics.
  • Allows advertisers to create and target custom audiences.
  • Streamline creative management.
  • Integrates with popular advertising platforms, marketing technologies, and data sources.
  • Automation and optimization capabilities to simplify campaign management tasks. 

Drawbacks of Marin One

MarinOne could be better in few ways. We noticed it wasn’t as customizable as some other platforms, which could sometimes be frustrating. Also, while it was a helpful tool, learning without guidance could be challenging, especially for new users. MarinOne doesn’t easily integrate with other marketing platforms, which can also be a bit of a hassle.

Final Thoughts on Marin One

Marin One has a user-friendly interface with various control tools and guided advertising management options. It’s especially good for managing social media and search campaigns. The ability to use cookie information was a big advantage.

The bulk sheets feature is also a huge plus. This saved a ton of time when it comes to making mass changes to the campaigns. The interface was easy to use. Smart algorithms make optimizing campaigns and getting the best results easy.

Overall, it’s not perfect, but it has many useful features and is a valuable tool. Be prepared for sticker shock. This one might be too pricey and might be better suited for larger accounts. It is one of the priciest PPC Optimization Tools.

Price: $2000.00 /month
Yes, has free trial
No free version

Some instructional videos and reviews for Marinone on YouTube that might be helpful

5. AdYourNeed


AdYouNeed offers advanced bidding, detailed reports, audience targeting, ad scheduling, budget management, and works with various platforms to improve PPC campaigns effectively.

Features of AdYouNeed

  • Advanced bid management for optimizing bidding strategies
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics for tracking campaign performance
  • Audience targeting tools for reaching the desired target audience
  • Ad scheduling to optimize ad delivery at optimal times
  • Budget management for efficient allocation of campaign budgets
  • Integration with popular advertising platforms
  • Customizable reports and data visualization for in-depth insights
  • Campaign optimization based on target metrics and goals
  • Powerful tools for ad creation and management
  • Support for multiple PPC platforms, including Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads

Drawbacks of AdYouNeed

AdYouNeed could be improved in some areas. We found it a bit hard to navigate at first, especially for new users. It also seemed to be a bit lagged in showing accurate statistics of the ad, which made it difficult to get a clear picture of how our campaigns were performing. Reading the graphs on performance isn’t always easily accessible either, which made it harder to analyze our data.

Finals Thoughts on Adyouneed

AdYouNeed is a newer PPC Optimization Tool. We really liked how easy it was to set up and connect with Facebook, Google, and other platforms. This made it easy to start using the platform and begin creating ads right away. We initially had some trouble connecting, but that might have been on our end. We also liked the great tools AdYouNeed offered, like the A.I. Audience Finder and the integration with Crello and Canva. These tools helped us easily create effective ads that really caught users’ attention.

The detailed yet easy-to-understand data analytics on AdYouNeed is a great tool too. We could easily track the performance of our ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. This was very helpful for analyzing our campaigns and making necessary adjustments.

For a newcomer, we think that it has a great potential. Over the last year, we have seen them add things quite aggressively to their software. We generally like it when a software company keeps on developing, it’s sort of like opening a present, you never know what you’re going to get. We hope they keep developing and adding new things, but we will keep this on our radar.

Starter $50/mo
Ultimate: $100/mo

Some instructional videos and reviews for Adyouneed on YouTube that might be helpful

6. Madgicx



Madgicx is more than just a digital marketing platform. It uses advanced AI and automation to help businesses get the most out of their ad campaigns. With features like smart audience targeting, automatic bid management, and creative optimization, Madgicx offers a full suite of tools that change the way businesses handle digital marketing. Our approach uses data to provide clear insights and tailored advice, helping businesses make smart decisions and grow. Try Madgicx and see a new level of success in your digital ads.

Features of Madgicx

  • Content Management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Customer Targeting
  • Automated Publishing
  • Customer Engagement
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Campaign management

Drawback of Madgicx

Madgicx could be overwhelming to use if you aren’t familiar with social media marketing. We also hoped the software would automate some tasks, but it was a bit buggy and hard to use at times. For speed, we didn’t see much benefit; we could do tasks just as fast using Facebook Ads Manager.

Final Thoughts on Madgicx

We really liked how it let us monitor ad performance and stop ads that weren’t doing well, helping us use our ad budget more effectively and save money. We also valued the detailed reports from Madgicx, which helped us track and improve our campaigns over time. The tool was user-friendly, which made it easy to use—a big plus.

We were impressed with Madgicx‘s flexibility, allowing us to closely examine our Facebook ad traffic. This gave us the insight and control we needed to manage our spending on Facebook effectively.

We found it a decent tool and would not feel bad recommending it to anyone. Like most of these, they each have a different kind of feel to them. So it mostly depends on what features are important to you.

Price: (Based how much your monthly ad spend)
Start from: $44/mo

Some instructional videos and reviews for Madgicx on YouTube that might be helpful

7. WordStream


WordStream by LOCALiQ, part of the USA TODAY NETWORK, is a top digital advertising platform that helps businesses improve their online marketing results. It focuses on making digital advertising simpler and more efficient, providing tools to optimize campaigns across Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and more. WordStream helps with everything from smart keyword management to ad creation, bid optimization, and detailed reporting. Supported by the USA TODAY NETWORK, WordStream is a reliable choice for businesses looking to boost their digital advertising and grow their online presence.

Features of WordStream

  • Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing Campaign Management & Optimization.
  • Keyword Research & Keyword Suggestion Tools.
  • Analytics & Tracking Tools.
  • Pay-Per-Click Ad Text Creation/Editor Tools.

Drawback of WordStream

WordStream is highly regarded but does come with some limitations. which can be a problem for small businesses or those on a tight budget. Its many features can be overwhelming for beginners, and it doesn’t offer much customization for reports and campaigns. Since it depends heavily on platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, any changes there can affect how well it works. Lastly, it mainly focuses on PPC, so it might not be the best choice for those who need tools for other marketing areas like SEO or email marketing.

Final Thoughts on Wordstream

Word Stream was a great PPC optimization tool, but using it took a little more effort. We found it a good way to learn PPC and how to run your campaigns. Word Stream was not one of those programs that you can just pop in for five minutes a day and let it roll. One of the best things about the old word stream (which is more of what the new word stream has turned into) is the consulting. For an extra fee, they would connect you with a word stream PPC consultant that would help you with your campaigns and help educate you and how to do everything you need.

Beginners and intermediate PPC people can use it, but we would consider it more of a learning tool as once you are in the advanced stages you probably will not use it that much.

We can’t give you any pricing now as they are more of a consulting agency. We added them to our list because they have great learning resources. PPC University had some great consulting.

Click here for more free tools


smartly is a top digital advertising tool that helps businesses improve and grow their online ads. It focuses mainly on social media ads, especially on Facebook and Instagram. offers features that help with creating, managing, and enhancing ads. It uses machine learning and data to automate and refine different parts of ad campaigns, like testing creative ideas, managing budgets, and setting bids. This makes the ad process smoother and helps businesses get more from their ad spending.

Features of

  • Campaign Dashboard.
  • Campaign Optimization.
  • Bulk Editing.
  • Budget Pacing.
  • Creative Optimization.

Drawbacks of

When using, we sometimes ran into bugs when uploading ads, especially videos, though this wasn’t frequent. The pivot table feature was slow and not very user-friendly, which could be frustrating. Additionally, during busy times, the platform tended to slow down, and we also faced occasional issues with bugs in the Facebook API, which caused disruptions.

Final Thoughts on easily manages all the campaigns, so you can quickly check your campaign metrics. This makes it simple to analyze your performance and make necessary adjustments.

It also saves much time when uploading many creatives to Facebook. This was a huge help, especially if you have a lot of campaigns running at once. Its ability to adjust bids for signals that Facebook didn’t even show is a great feature as well, which gives you much control over your campaigns.

Also, the automation features, tools for collaboration, and easy-to-use creative tools for image and video ads were all helpful in managing campaigns and creating engaging and effective ads.

Some instructional videos and reviews for Smartly.Io on YouTube that might be helpful

9. Facebook Ad Manager

facebook ad manager

Facebook Ad Manager is a powerful tool provided by Facebook for businesses and advertisers to create, manage, and optimize their advertising campaigns on the Facebook platform. It offers many features to target specific audiences, set budgets, make engaging ads, and track how the campaigns perform. This allows businesses to effectively reach and engage their target audience on one of the world’s biggest social media platforms.

Features of Facebook Ads Manager

  • Set up ads or add campaigns.
  • Manage advertising campaigns.
  • Alter your bid amount.
  • Set and adjust your target audience.
  • Keep track of campaign performance.
  • Test your ad campaigns.

Drawback of Facebook Ads Manager

In Facebook Ads Manager, the interface could be a bit confusing at times, especially for new users. It could also be a little overwhelming to use if you manage multiple campaigns at once. We also found that the platform wasn’t as user-friendly as some of the other ad management tools we had used. This is why there are so many PPC programs that work with it. Some of these programs offer features and metrics that Facebook itself doesn’t provide on its site.

If you are technically literate, we would suggest you actually use the Facebook interface and understand it before you move to third-party PPC software. Then, you’ll know what the program is doing and decide if it’s right for you.

Final Thoughts on Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager, of course, can create and target specific audiences for Facebook ads. This allows you to reach the right people with your campaigns for the best results.

It does detailed analytics. You can see how your campaigns perform in real-time and make adjustments as needed to optimize our efforts. The platform offered a range of tools and resources to help create and design effective ads, which was helpful.

Some instructional videos and reviews for Facebook Ad Manager on YouTube that might be helpful

10. AdEspresso


AdEspresso is an advertising platform that makes it easier to run and improve digital ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. It provides tools for creating ads, targeting the right audience, testing variations, and optimizing for the best results. AdEspresso helps advertisers reach their audience more effectively, enhance ad performance, and achieve better outcomes.

Features of AdEspresso

  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Tools
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • Demand Generation
  • Digital Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Event Management

Drawback of AdEspresso

Of course, as with anything, there are some downsides. When we tested it, it didn’t seem to use Boolean so you can’t throw in negatives. You can’t use negative terms such as “no whatever term,” which is handy for ensuring you have the right target.

While designed to simplify advertising, the wide array of features and data can also be overwhelming for new users. More experienced marketers might find it lacks some of the more advanced features offered by other platforms. Some users have also reported that customer support can be slow and not as helpful as needed. Like many third-party tools, changes in Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ads can affect how well AdEspresso works, sometimes requiring users to adapt quickly.

Final Thoughts on AdEspresso

AdEspresso is a powerful and user-friendly third-party tool that helps you optimize your PPC campaigns on both Google Ads and Facebook Ads. It offers a range of helpful features to improve the user experience. It offers features like automatic A/B testing and real-time performance tracking. These features allow a quick and easy identification of which ads perform well and which need adjustment.

One of the main benefits of AdEspresso is its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for beginners and small businesses to get started with PPC advertising. Whether you’re just starting out with PPC or you’re an experienced advertiser looking for a new tool to try, AdEspresso is worth trying. It has a lot of useful features and easy-to-use. The interface makes it a good choice for optimizing their PPC campaigns and getting better results.

Some instructional videos and reviews for AdEspresso on YouTube that might be helpful

Final Thoughts on PPC Optimization Tools

PPC Optimization Tools can really boost your ad campaigns. Each one has its unique features, so it’s important to think about what you need and your goals when choosing one. We hope our review helps you out. When picking a tool, look at the cost, features, and customer support. The right PPC tool can make running your campaigns smoother and improve your business results. I’ve included links to different sites, reviews, and how-to videos on YouTube to help you out. We’ll keep reviewing more tools, but we hope this gets you started on the right foot.


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