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How to Optimize Ad Strategies for High-Quality Inbound Calls

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Want to share some insights on how to optimize ad strategies to drive more high-quality inbound calls.

• Click-to-Call Ads: These ads are perfect for immediate engagement, allowing potential customers to connect with your team directly from the ad. Google by far is the best platform for Click to Call ads and usually will be targeted to mobile devices. Meta does have a click to call ad feature. However, Meta click to call ads have been problematic as many times the customer doesn’t know they clicked the phone number, and Meta is now masquerading the caller id making tracking very difficult.

• Landing Pages with Form Fills and Thank You Page with Click-to-Call: Driving traffic to a landing page where users can either fill out a form or use a click-to-call option provides   flexibility. This method captures both immediate calls and leads for follow-up. Be sure to have a clear CTA on your thank you page if using both form fills and click to call.

• Landing Pages with Only Click to Call Options: Sometimes simplicity is key. A landing page with just a phone number and click-to-call is worth testing. Some verticals it works and some we find having both a form fill and click to call performs better.

AI and Advanced Tools:

• Integrating tools like CallRail and Ringba can dramatically improve how you track and optimize your campaign by allowing you to send conversion events such as length of call, qualified lead, scheduled appointment, and sales/revenue. 

• AI Tools: When a potential customer fills out a form, AI can instantly engage the customer via call, email and text converting the form fill to an inbound call. 

Note: You must have consumer consent and clear opt-in language on the form to leverage these tools and new FCC guidelines state that it needs to be a 1 to 1 opt-in. Meaning the consumer has explicitly opted in for YOUR COMPANY and YOUR SERVICE.

• Call Tracking: Understand the customer journey better by tracking calls back to specific ads with dynamic number insertion. Both Call Rail and Ringba and other call tracking tools will deploy a script that runs on your website that will change out the phone number for that specific user’s sessions allowing for tracking of UTM strings, campaigns and other attribution information. Call tracking is also very useful to push back offline conversion events such as qualified appointment and sales and attribute that back to the campaign and click and even keyword they searched for. 

• Recording and Analytics: Analyze conversations to gain insights into customer preferences and agent performance, ensuring continuous improvement. At the end of the day the best way to optimize any type of campaign that relies on calls is to listen to the calls.

If you’re looking to dive deeper into these strategies or need help setting them up, we are here to assist. Click here to schedule a free consultation with our team. 

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